Legal Services

We provide a full suite of Legal Services either stand-alone or as part of a complete end-to-end offering.

Our Legal Counsels and Affiliated Law Companies advise and represent our Clients across a wide spectrum of possibilities.

We work in partnership with our Clients aiming to provide the most favourable outcome while ensuring full legal support and compliance.

Selecting the right Corporate Structure is critical especially in relation to start-ups, family businesses and multinationals.

Variables that need to be considered and addressed in the establishment of the Organization include corporate debt, issuance of equity, fiscal matters, personal liability of the Directors and majority shareholders and capital allocations. Business also require assistance on operational matters over the lifecycle of their Organization as well as legal support on matters that may result in negotiations and/or litigation.

Legal advice is also provided on Investment decisions, Financing Applications, Funding Structures, changes in Company capitalisation, Mergers & Acquisitions. Our services include legal advice and work on the establishment and formation of Companies in international territories as well as the formation of subsidiaries, branches or stand-alone Companies in national territories specifically in the UK and the EU.

Corporate Services

Real Estate Services

We cover all aspects of legal work on Commercial, Residential and Investment real estate assets.

We provide advice on real estate asset acquisition, estate planning, inheritance issues, governmental remediation on property disputes, registrations, sale & purchase contracts, leases & rental agreements.

Our approach covers both extrajudicial and judicial resolutions. In addition, we provide legal advice and services in the establishment of Real Estate special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for investment purposes, such as Real Estate Investment Companies and Trusts.

Representation before administrative courts on public procurement cases and resolution of such cases in pre-litigation phases.

We opine on public procurements and state aid related issues and provide end-to-end support across all stages of the application and review process.

Public Procurement and State Aid Law Services

Other Services

We provide legal advice and legal work across all areas of E-
commerce & Internet Services, Financial Penal Law and Civil Law.

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