According to Neil Blumenthal “a start-up is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious, and success is not guaranteed”.

As such, each Start-up company in any industry has some common characteristics, has specific requirements and faces particular challenges.

As a rule of thumb, each Start-up is an instance of setting in operation in motion and as such needs to be designed from the start with an open mind in order to bridge the excitement of the entrepreneurs/founders with well tested and established principles of Business-making.

This should be the core in any Consulting offering.



The Shipping industry is facing significant challenges in an unstable economic environment characterised by geopolitical changes, increasing operating costs, volatile freight rates and vessel values and increasing environmental concerns.

These operating conditions make it difficult to maintain a competitive edge where liquidity is key and ageing fleets are shrinking the average marginal profit rate.

Finding the right partner for financing new ventures such as the purchase of additional vessels or the building of new vessels to certain specifications, is a crucial step in ensuring the sustainability and growth of Shipping Operations.

Real Estate is part of what is commonly called the “real economy” as it affects the National and International economy by being a critical driver of economic growth as well as by being a key component of social prosperity.

Investing in Real Estate is probably one of the oldest forms of investment and acquisition of wealth. In modern times, Real Estate investments have become part of well diversified investments portfolios comprising either of physical property assets or of acquisition of ETF-like securities (REITs/REICs) or both.

Similarly, there are dedicated Real Estate investors with significant property portfolios aiming to maximise their returns in terms of capital appreciation and rental returns.

The management of these portfolios, their diversification and the creation of efficient financing and holding vehicles are some of the services that Real Estate Investors are in need of.

Real Estate

Tourism & Hospitality

The industry is highly dependent on consumer confidence and to the socioeconomic environment.

The industry participants are under significant pressure to sustain high levels of services at reduced cost for their clients thus further reducing profit margins and potential growth.

In an industry where the traditional players are challenged by new small boutique entrants as well as the sharing economy, the industry statistics reach new record numbers. Efficiency, Revenue retention and Adaptive Change are crucial parameters for planning, budgeting and facing the future.

The Greek government in March 2018 has set forth the legal framework for Investments in Medicinal Cannabis plants.

Based on the evidence so far, the investment interest in the cultivation and processing of medicinal cannabis in Greece is significantly positive.

One year after the completion of the legal framework for the installation and operation of plants for the cultivation and treatment of medicinal cannabis and despite the complexity (due to the stringency of security measures), the investment mobilization is remarkable.

The estimated amount of investment projects in the various stages of review amounts to more than 700 million euros and contain the provision that they will create more than 3,500 jobs.

Medicinal Cannabis

Industrial Manufacturing

Industries that transform goods, materials or substances into new products face challenges in terms of operating efficiency, capital adequacy and ongoing investments.

Research and Development is key to long term growth as well as acquisition and retainment of significant market share.

Regulatory reform, Risk Management, everchanging Monetary and Capital environment, New Entrants, and Long-term Strategy changes are all challenges to sustainable growth in banking and capital markets.

Mature, refined and precise solutions are required for Financial Institutions to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Banking & Capital Markets

Capital Projects & Infrastructure

We assist our clients in designing, financing, managing and implementing large scale capital projects and infrastructure.

We work closely with the Client and provide expertise while bringing together trusted experts from relevant areas to support the full project lifecycle.

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