Financing & Consulting

Transactions and M&As

We provide dedicated professionals with deep industry knowledge to execute on each transaction, paired with established experience in structured and asset-backed financing.

Our aim is to help create value for our clients via acquisitions, strategic combinations, constructed separations or targeted liquidations.

We provide target identification, due diligence, strategic alliances and consult in “post-event” integration


Procurement of funds for business activities, purchases or investing. We collaborate with financial institutions, financing groups, leasing corporations and private funds (family offices, HNWI, etc.) to obtain funds to our clients while creating optimal and sustainable financing structures.

We focus on structured asset- backed financing and securitization-related arrangements. Emphasis is placed on credit assessment and modelling, due diligence and ultimate execution.

We analyse and value the underlying collateral backing these transactions, such as corporate debt, assets, mortgages, etc.

Business Valuation

Business valuation (Company or Equity value) is a crucial step in any business transaction. It is a requirement for executing an investment, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a Merger or Acquisition and forms the baseline for any business and investments plans as well as negotiations on a given transaction.

We structure the Business Valuation on the basis of the particular needs understanding that an “one-size-fits-all” approach will not provide the Client with the most efficient outcome.

Our valuation approach is risk based and utilizes company financial statements (hard data) as well as industry variable, macroeconomic factors and industry multiples (soft data).

Depending on the Company’s particular needs a variety of valuation models are used so that the end product is not a single outcome but a spectrum of possibilities.

Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive attainability and feasibility studies to provide our Clients with answers and a sound understanding into the suitability of their tasks as well as potential opportunities and difficulties that should be overcome for any venture choice.

Regardless of whether the goal is to exploit new
stage advances, improve the value proposition, optimize their value chain, rationalize their Operating and Capital Expenditure or apply for funding, we have the experience and ability to provide the analytical fundamental information for meeting your strategic goals.

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